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666 New World Order is "society without money. Items are pre: checkbook, credit card, phone card, health insurance card or the card for gasoline, all these should be read electronically. The masses must be convinced that it is more simple, efficient, easily and safely to make payments with these cards than with cash. The second step is to convince the masses that you wear in your pocket than many short books, it is better to have a single, so-called debit card for Canada, New Zealand, Australia, which already exists (Debit Card). The ultimate goal is tattooing laser. Invisible to the naked eye, contains the code number to be read by a "Scanner". Even if there will be mandatory, but you will not have an alternative because nowhere you can buy or pay with cash. This is an absolute control over every individual. Satellite, each person can be found on this globe! Course and malefactors. Can control any movement, any shop, any property you give to any meeting with friends, any information. The Revelation of John, chap. 13, verses 16-18, says: "The time will come when the small and great, rich as poor, free and slaves wear a sign on the right hand or forehead, because no one can to buy or sell unless it has this sign, that is the name of the beast or the number of the beast's name. Who is lying, to see that number is 666. In all Bar Code of the goods we see worldwide thin short and long thin lines. A long thin line means 6. Always find 3 long thin, ie 666. In the Old Testament we read: (Book of Kings, chap. 10) "pile of gold that was gathered in a year for Solomon was 666 talents of gold". Hebrew money is power 666 mark. World Bank Code 666. "Credit Card" Australian Bank bearing number 666. Checks Bank of Bombay, for example, bears the number 666. "Credit Card sites bearing the code 666 in November in America. The Olivetti computer serial number 666, as well as computers in the U.S.. In each lottery prize in Israel is printed number 666. The code number for the phone calls of Israel is 666. "Exon" Rockefeller's figure bearing 666. Although this book I briefly data from Protocols of Zion and the New Testament Satan, each man must examine critically the facts that pull the strings. Everyone who sees today discord and hatred, wars and conflicts, hunger and poverty in this world, the dissolution of nations, racial hatred rising in all countries, the trend of freedom and independence of peoples, the governing failure, corruption of politicians, perversion and violence to increase people's debts to the banks of the Member without borders, national coins instability, economic crises, collapse of agriculture, unemployment, frustration and confusion in society, increasing fun party and win people without work, lack of faith and manipulation of youth and gender may assert that only by chance they were all designed protocols of Zion? Roosewelt We quote: "In politics nothing happens not by accident! When something happens, we will make sure that was planned.

Please post only if you have something serious to say.
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