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 D.I.R.T. : Origin Of The Species

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Data de inscriere : 19/06/2009
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MesajSubiect: D.I.R.T. : Origin Of The Species   Dum Noi 01, 2009 8:30 pm

A trip into the Nevada desert takes a turn for the worse when the player stumbles across a military black operation testing a new viral weapon, Project G.I. Ants. Designed to create battlefield infantry by mutating commonly found insects and parasites, the test goes horribly wrong and the lives of 8 friends and a desert community are altered, irrevocably.
The lone known survivor is D.I.R.T., an urban rock chick ready to kick ass with a range of special techniques powered by this new virus. Use these on their own or combine them with traditional blasting techniques to produce a wild emergent game play style and innovative new combos. Fight a vast array of mutated abominations across 14 action packed levels, as well as settling the score with the black operations marines and their arsenal of weapons.



hotfile.com D.I.R.T__Origin.of.the.Species.part1.rar.html
hotfile.com D.I.R.T__Origin.of.the.Species.part2.rar.html
hotfile.com D.I.R.T__Origin.of.the.Species.part3.rar.html
uploading.com D.I.R.T__Origin.of.the.Species.part1.rar/
uploading.com D.I.R.T__Origin.of.the.Species.part2.rar/
uploading.com D.I.R.T__Origin.of.the.Species.part3.rar/
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D.I.R.T. : Origin Of The Species
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